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Factors That Determine the Cost of an Electrical Wiring Project

Electrical System Upgrade
If you want to install or upgrade an electrical system, you should have a rough idea of the project's cost before you begin. The cost of electrical wiring depends on various factors; evaluate them to get a rough budget for the project. Below are some of the factors you must consider.

Size of the House

The size of the house is critical because it determines various factors such as:
  • How long the job will take
  • The materials you need
  • How many fixtures — such as outlets and lights — to install
If you have attached structures, such as storage sheds or garages, that you also need to wire, then factor in their sizes in the overall size of the property.

Configuration of the House

The layout or configuration of the house also influences the difficulty of the work and hence the cost. Configuration refers to factors such as:
  • The number of rooms
  • The ceiling height
  • The number of stories
  • The number of special rooms
For example, bathroom wiring has to use water resistant materials and ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, which are more expensive than standard materials. You don't need the same materials for wiring a storage room, which means an additional bathroom may increase the cost more than an additional storage room.

Quality of Materials

Electrical materials differ in quality just like other construction materials, and high-quality materials are relatively expensive. For example:
  • Aluminum wiring is usually of lower quality than copper and brass wiring
  • Some low-quality outlets have thin electrical contacts that don't last for long
  • Some low-quality outlets have fewer hole configurations than their high-quality counterparts
Most people balance the need for high-quality wiring with their wiring budgets and reach a compromise that avoids either of the extremes.

Scope of the Work

Electrical wiring encompasses different jobs; the nature and number of jobs you need the contractor to provide determines the cost of the job. For example, a wiring project may include:
  • Cable runs from the panel to different parts of the house
  • Installation of light fixtures
  • Installation of electrical
  • Installation of items such as ceiling fans
The more of these things you want the contractor to do the higher the wiring cost will go.

Electrical Permits and Inspections

A sizable wiring project is likely to require more than one permit from the relevant authorities. Some of the permits you may require include:
  • A permit to install a low-voltage system such as a security system
  • A permit to install additional circuits
  • A permit to upgrade the circuit box
In addition to the permits, you may also require inspections once the wiring is complete. The inspection certifies that the work is up to the standards the government requires. Permits cost money, and the more permits you require, the higher the overall cost will get.

Electrical Code Issues

If the wiring is to upgrade or replace your current wiring, then you may have to update your electrical codes to match the current ones. Electrical codes change all the time, and each time you upgrade your wiring, the government requires you to update the codes to match the current ones.
For example, if you had normal outlets in the bathroom, you should upgrade to outlets with GFCI protection when you upgrade your bathroom wiring. Your house won't pass the electrical inspection if you don't upgrade the wiring to the new codes.
Supreme Electric has experienced electricians to ensure that your wiring project proceeds on time and within budget. Note that the above factors do not constitute an exhaustive list of factors to consider. Contact us for a quote on any electrical service you need.