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How You Can Benefit From an Electrical Subpanel

Electrical subpanel
An electrical subpanel is useful if you want to extend power from the main house or main service panel to another area. For example, you can use a subpanel to extend power to an additional room after a renovation. You can also use the subpanel to extend power from the main house to another dethatched building, such as a garage or workshop.
Here are some of the reasons a subpanel makes more sense in such cases rather than the use of individual cable runs.

Provide Convenient Power Control

An electrical panel allows you to control power to all circuits in your house. You can switch off power for the whole house or to a specific circuit. If you have a building far from the main service panel and power it through individual cable runs, you have to run to the main service panel every time you want to control power in the building. You don't have to run to the main panel if you have a subpanel.

Enhance Electrical Safety

A subpanel enhances your electrical safety in two main ways. First, you can switch off the mini panel to cut off power to a section of the house in case of a localized electrical fault. Secondly, you don't have to run to the main panel in case of a fault somewhere far from the main panel.
For example, in the case of an electrical fault in the garage, you can just switch off power at the garage's subpanel. Without the mini panel, you would have to run back to the main panel, which gives the electrical fault time to worsen.

Provide Additional Circuits                              

A subpanel also provides you with the opportunity to install additional electrical circuits in your house if the main panel doesn't have space for more breakers. For example, if you renovate your house and use all the available breaker spaces on the main panel, the smaller subpanel can give you additional circuits.

Provide Cost Advantages

You may also spend less time and resources to install an electrical mini panel than you would spend on alternative wiring extensions. For example, if you want to extend electricity to your basement, you can take the expensive route of running individual cables to the basement, or you could run a single cable and a subpanel.
Another example is where you have overcrowded the main panel and you need space for additional circuits. A subpanel installation would be cheaper than an upgrade of the main panel to a bigger panel with more breakers.

Prevent Circuit Overload

If you are on the verge of circuit overload, you can install a subpanel to take the load off your current circuits. Maybe each of your circuits has multiple outlets that support multiple appliances and your breakers constantly trip. A mini panel will provide you with additional circuits so that you can spread out the load.
Note that a subpanel doesn't increase your electrical supply; the smaller panel only provides you with more options to plug in your fixtures or appliances. As such, a subpanel only makes sense if your electricity supply is adequate and you only need more access points.

Provide Circuit Clarity

Lastly, a subpanel can also provide you with clarity as far as your electrical wiring is concerned. Say you have a big house with multiple rooms but only a single service panel for your electrical supply. In such a case, you may lack clarity on which lights, outlets, or fixtures belong to which circuits. A mini panel separates the circuits so you can always differentiate the circuits.
An electrical subpanel has numerous benefits, but you will only enjoy these benefits if you have a professional electrician install it for you. A DIY panel installation is a potential for disaster; a small error increases the risk of electrical damage, shock, or fire. Contact Supreme Electric for a subpanel installing, plus all your other electrical needs.