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USB Combo Outlets: A Valuable Addition to Your Home

 USB Combo Outlets
The world is becoming more tech-connected each day. Research shows that the average person will use up to four electronic devices each day. But the more cell phones, handheld gaming systems, tablets, and laptops that you add to your home, the more scarce charging outlets can become.
Traditional chargers often involve a large adaptor connected to a charging cable, which means you cannot use the outlet to power anything else while your device is charging. When you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, outlet scarcity can become a real problem.
Fortunately, you can easily solve your charging problems by opting to switch out traditional outlets in your home for USB combo outlets instead.

Consider the Configuration

Manufacturers produce USB combo outlets that are as diverse as the tech devices these outlets are designed to service. You need to carefully consider which design configuration will best meet your charging needs before investing in new USB outlets.
Some combo outlets come with a single USB port, while others have multiple ports in addition to the standard AC ports. Multiple USB ports allow you to plug multiple devices directly into the wall, leaving as many AC ports free for other electrical needs.
You should consider the types of USB ports that will be featured on your outlets as well. This will require you to look at the charging cables for each of your devices. Some tech gadgets utilize the standard rectangular USB-A ports. Other gadgets will need access to USB-C ports, which are smaller and more oval in shape. A combo outlet will be most useful if it has at least one of each type of USB port available for use.

Check for Quality

Your delicate electronic gadgets could be at risk of sustaining serious damage during charging if you don't invest in quality USB combo outlets for your home. A high-quality outlet will feature a specialized chip that can read the amount of energy required to charge any device connected to the USB port.
Based on this reading, the outlet with adjust its electrical output, ensuring that your gadgets will charge safely and efficiently.

Provide Surge Protection

A USB combo outlet is not a surge protector, so any devices that are plugged into a USB outlet at the time of a power surge can be damaged by the sudden increase in electrical current. A whole-home surge protector should be installed by an experienced electrician to provide adequate protection for all of the electronic devices and appliances in your home.
Whole-home surge protectors are installed at the main electrical panel servicing your home. The electrician will route all incoming electrical currents through the surge protector first so that voltage abnormalities can be detected.
With a whole-home system, surges of electricity are stopped before they enter your home's circuits. Once voltage returns to an acceptable level, the surge protector will allow electricity to pass through and travel to your devices and appliances (including those being charged by USB combo outlets) via the circuits in your home.
The elimination of voltage surges can help prevent any damage to the motherboard and small relays within home electronics. Your devices and appliances will last longer and perform more efficiently when they are protected by a whole-home surge protector.
You should always defer to the expertise of an electrician when upgrading the outlets in your home. USB combo outlets might require larger electrical boxes than those connected to your existing outlets. An electrician can also advise you on the best locations to install USB combo outlets in your home.
A USB combo outlet is not a GFCI outlet, so you will need to avoid replacing outlets near a water source if you want your home to remain compliant with local building codes.
Contact Supreme Electric to request an estimate if you are thinking of upgrading your existing outlets to accommodate the USB charging cords needed to power your tech gadgets.