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Welcome to the 21st Century: Updating Your Electrical System for Modern Living

If you live in an older home, then it's likely that your home electrical system is straining to meet the demands of new appliances that are competing for precious power. You are also losing out on upgrades that are specifically designed to take advantage of new technologies in entertainment, communication and computers.

Upgrading your electrical system solves problems with overloaded circuits, eases family squabbles over unsatisfactory outlet access and allows you to control your home with just the sound of your voice. Here are some ways to update your home electrical system for modern living.

Power to the People: Upgrading Your Breaker Panel

The electrical systems in older homes were designed to provide power to only a few appliances, such as a single TV, refrigerator, lights and a few smaller items. Some older homes may only contain a 50 amp panel to handle these simple demands.

However, even a 100 amp panel installed in more recently built homes may be inadequate to power higher-use appliances, such as dryers, stoves and water heaters that are used in conjunction with an abundance of smaller appliances. Upgrading the panel to a 200 amp capacity may be necessary — especially if you have installed a new central air conditioning unit in your home.

No Stripping Allowed: Adding Additional Circuits and Outlets

The ubiquitous power strip has made its way into most homes as families attempt to compensate for insufficient outlet space. Many homes have power strips connected to other power strips, which presents a danger of overheating and potential fire.

As additional gadgets are plugged into power strips that are fed by the same circuit line, the circuit eventually reaches its limit. Lights start to flicker and circuit breakers shut off. Additional circuit lines must be installed to handle the increased load. Of course, this also depends on the capacity of the breaker panel. If the panel is full, then a panel upgrade or a sub-panel will be required.

You can also have new outlets installed or replace older outlets with enhanced models. These outlets are designed to compensate for the shortage of outlet space that was caused by the invasion of USB-charging blocks for phones and tablets.

Family rooms, bedrooms and other areas with frequent use of these gadgets can benefit from the installation of outlets with USB ports and standard receptacles. The family can have their charging capacity as well as their receptacles — even if the open receptacles are still filled with USB chargers.

You may also choose to have surge-protected outlets installed. These protect computers from damage and data loss in the event of a power surge following a power outage. Surge protection is also available at the breaker panel to protect the entire home from power surges.

Additionally, it may be helpful to have outlets installed in nontraditional spaces in order to place modems and routers for optimal wireless coverage inside the home.

Talk to Your Home: Adding Smart Controls 

Thanks to recent strides in voice recognition technology, you can turn up your thermostat, turn on the lights and activate an electric outlet with a verbal command. Of course, these are not traditional controls. These are smart controls that work through wireless internet connectivity with popular voice-operated devices, such as those that were developed by Amazon and Google.

You can also choose to have devices installed, such as thermostats and lights, that can be operated with your cellphone or tablet — even when you are on the other side of the world. 

It's time to bring your old home into the modern world, and Supreme Electric is the company that will get you there.